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Life update: New beginnings … NEW HOUSE!

Hi there, it’s been awhile … I’ve been back on social for a bit now, but haven’t fully gotten back into work full time, including neglecting my blog and youtube channel. So much changed for us this past year, I still struggle to put it down and even say out loud but; I lost my dad a couple months ago and it completely broke us, I know we all have different relationships with our families.

Our family is extremely close, and would do absolutely everything together, talk every day, vacation, work, well everything together … everything changed and nothing feels quite back into normal. I really would like to chat more because I know so many families are affected butF-ing Cancer, I’m just not quite there yet, so please forgive me when I’m vague or change subjects.

On to our big update; Since Arturo and I got married we knew that eventually with time we wanted to get another house and just some different spaces, but we settled well into our one story garden home, which was so comfortable for us. Small backyard and easy to keep up, just perfect for us at that point. A couple years ago we started talking about may be looking for a new house, or even building something. There was always the possibility of moving out of town for a bit, Then the pandemic hit, followed by my dad’s diagnosis and pretty much moving to Mexico for 9 months to be together, when we finally came back to Texas, this city is very special for my family, my dad had plans to retire pretty much next door to us, and we love our life here so much (texas you have been good us … thank you) that we decided we didn’t want to move away anytime soon.

BUT 2021 had a crazy development in the housing market, everything got more expensive, building, selling, buying … well everything! We honestly never thought we would even consider a move right now. we love the area we live in, we love our house and really had no “need” to move, and we have very specific tastes (not a cookie cutter house person. We didn’t want to pressure ourselves when there wasn’t any real need to move. So, whenever really went “house hunting” whenever something would come up in our area that I liked I would call my realtor (also cousin) who I can call at 11pm or 6am lol and just be like “hey just for fun can we see this house”

Well one of those just for fun homes ended up being our dream house … thing’s worked out, with the crazy market we got a great offer for our house, which made it all fall into place …

Oh but it’s somewhat of a FIXER UPPER lol it’s an older house with amazing character and one of kind that needs work … so things are about to get interesting. Actually not that old just hasn’t been updated since it was built.

It’s been a tough process without my dad, since we shared so many interests when it came to houses, design and remodels, he was my first call for “look what we’re planning for the house” well he was my first call for everything to be honest. but I also feel it’s a good fresh “jump” start to starting this new part of our life, I know it’s going to get crazy and remodels are intense so let’s see how it goes, and well we pretty much wanted to share this since we found the house, but just didn’t want to jinx it before it was officially ours (we had some delays with an insurance claim before finalizing that kept things up in the air for a bit … but hey we have a brand new roof now lol … we were able to have a full month to do some remodeling and repairs which I’ll show more soon. We’re focusing on floors, kitchen and main bath , and some little details like paint and lighting. We’ve moved in with a lot to do still and can’t wait to share the process as we move along.


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