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4 ways to wear a printed Midi skirt.

hello again!

You know me, and my love for midi skirts! and there's a few reasons why I love them, including that they're great for any occasion casual or formal, they can be worn by everyone and can be worn in any kind of weather.

this particular skirt is from TopShop (linked below) and i'm loving how flowy it is and fun to wear. Here are the links to the looks I put together on my recent #ToastyStyle instagram video, if you haven't seen it you can click HERE to watch it.



Pues creo que para ahora ya me conocen y saben que amo las faldas midi, y por varias razones, incluyendo que se ven bien en todo tipo de cuerpo, edad, son super comodas, para cualquier ocasion y clima. aqui les dejo los links de las piezas que use y similares de mi ultimo video #ToastyStyle en instagram y si no lo han visto, le pueden dar click AQUI para verlo.


Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Look 4:

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