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Most of you may already know October is breast cancer awareness month, and whether this disease has personally affected you, someone you know or not at all; this month makes us think are we being honest with ourselves? Many women don’t seek treatment in early stages, because the think “oh it’s nothing” or they may even feel ashamed, and some who do get a diagnosis are too scared to go forward with the right treatment/procedures. I admit I am very grateful that I haven’t been in this position, but as someone who’s grown up around the medical and pharmaceutical industry I’ve seen & heard from survivors and women still going through it. For some of us it’s so much easier to ignore things and somehow hope they’ll go away (I at times am guilty of this … sometimes not dealing with something seams better #BigMistake) I am very honored to have partnered with STAGE stores to help bring awareness to us all. Stage will be raising money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in-store and online, and will donate $1 for each #IPinkIcan hashtagged moment shared during October on Instagram and Facebook.

I think we’ve all been through tough times whether it’s due to health or not. For the most part you may see only the good stuff on social media, and it’s not a ploy to deceive anyone, it’s just that for some it’s too hard or impossible to share some of the not so perfect moments. In my case my family is not fond of social media and would kill me if I shared our personal moments (not that their bad but I can hear my mom “No one needs to know about this” lol and she’s right although I may have chosen to be more open on here they didn’t and I have to respect that.

Who inspires me?

Although I haven’t personally been affected by cancer (or any of my direct family members) Both my grandmothers went through so much and still always smiled and saw the bright side to anything, my dad’s mom, went through war, escaping to a new foreign country, loss, she became a widow in her 30s (and more) and yet she was always the funniest and just a jolly person. My mom’s mom, no war but through terrible losses in her life (not my story to tell) and always has a smile for us. But the one time I truly learned that the “Good always outweighs the bad” and when things are tough all you can do is move forwards. Was 5 years ago, the day of my brother’s wedding (at 83) she fell and broke her hip (all she was really worried about was missing my brother's wedding) If you don’t know this; a broken hip when older is extremely dangerous. Well this woman who everyone saw as delicate, pushed herself harder than any 20yro, and pulled through her recovery, therapy and soon went back to her normal life, of no one stopping her. This period was very eye opening for me, after all her struggles and physical pain she still sees the bright side. 3 years later she and my grandfather celebrated 65yrs of marriage, and gave us our wedding bands at our wedding. (oh and they’re still going strong) #CoupleGoals This fighter and positive mentality is something a believe she passed on to my mom and (hopefully) me!

Whether you’re going through cancer, another illness, emotional struggles or any other issue. I think we have to remember that no matter how dim things may seem, there’s always something worth moving forward for. Let’s support each other this month and every month! And please, please! if you notice something in your body that shouldn’t be there or it's "new" even if it’s tiny! Talk to a doctor! Early detection in Breast Cancer (like any other) is key!

And don't forget to share you pink moments with the hashtag #IpinkIcan ! STAGE will donate $1 for every hashtag post to the BCRF.

Shop Breast Cancer Awareness items in support.

And Don' Forget to share your #IpinkIcan moments

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THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY SPECIALITY RETAILERS, INC." - Although post is in collaboration with featured brand, all opinions, styling and ideas mentioned are my own.

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