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New Year, Same Me ... Maybe

New Year, Same Me ...

I know most of us want to be a "new me" on the new year, but this time I feel for me it's more important to keep building up on all the hard work that went into 2017. I really admit and i'm so grateful that it was a good year for us and although -of course- i'm hoping 2018 will be even better. But whether you want a blank slate to start off this year or are continuing the work from last year, I want to wish you all the best of luck this 2018! we got this, and we can do anything we put our minds to it.

In the spirit of the new year I do want to share a few of my goals and to do things on my list for this year.

1.- Grow out my hair: I've been trying to grow it out for over a year ... but this year I am really committing to helping it heal (it's currently doing better!) this year Short hair is staying and going shorter! I've been noticing this in high-fashion magazines, including Vogue who featured a very short bob (barely under the ears) I love it, but I.m going to do my best to not be tempted by it, I love short hair but every time I cut it I realize I miss my long hair ... and yes my hair takes a long time to grow out. So I just have to be strong! if you have any good recommendations to help hair grow, share them! I will share mine soon!

2.- Finish decorating our house: We've been living in our house for a bit over a year and a half, and decorating a house from scratch is not only hard but expensive. We still have a space that since we don't use as much we decided to leave until the end to decorate (we went for living spaces first) but now this semi-empty room is really bothering me lol

3.- Being healthy: Ok this is something I've actually gotten pretty good through the years, I've learned to take better care of my body, eating right, and all that but I always like to put it on my list because it is really important.

4.- Youtube! As some of you may know I launched my youtube channel this year, and I've loved it! but whether it's been because i'm still getting the hang of editing videos and all that or just because I love working on the blog so much that I haven't been putting out videos as much as I would like and like other youtubers do. So this year I promise to be more active on it, so send in your suggestions! Here's a link to my channel, and I would love it if you subscribed! TheToastyLife YouTube

5.- Enjoy the family: I am very proud to say that I am extremely close to my family, even though we live in a different country, we always put in the effort to visit each other, but I also admit that sometimes we get carried away with our daily routines including work, that we may take for granted our family being there. So this year I want to continue being as close to my family as possible!

6.- Be more organized: I'm not going to sugar coat it, i'm a mess lol I am a bit unorganized at home, sometimes I get to busy that I just don't take the time to organize my things. So this is something I really need to work on and I think Arturo is going to thank me!

Well those are just a few of my 2018 goals, but most importantly I want to say; enjoy 2018! we can all agree life and time happens in a flash! so let's make the best of it!

About this look: A statement top or jacket will always be the easiest way to turn a basic look into something extra. I am wearing just black jeans, a basic gap black long sleeve and black booties, but adding a statement jacket takes the outfit to another level. This one is from Zara, shop HERE it's almost sold out so i've linked more statement jackets at the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by! XO .- Ari


Nueva Año, misma yo ...

¡Primero que nada, feliz año nuevo!! Conocen la expresión "nuevo año, Nuevo yo" Para muchos empezar el nuevo ano, significa empezar de cero, y a veces creo que, si es necesario, para mi este año significa seguir trabajando en todo lo que hicimos el pasado. Y por eso les quiero compartir algunas de mis metas para este 2018, y yo sé que algunas pueden no sonar muy importantes, pero son cambios chicos que tienen grandes recompensas.

1.- Dejar que crezca mi pelo, aunque confieso que tengo meses batallando con mi pelo necio jajá, pero amo el pelo corto y este año las tendencias dicen que el cabello corto es lo más "in" entonces tengo que hacer el esfuerzo de no caer en la tentación. y si tienen algunos tips para ayudar, pásenlos! yo les voy a estar pasando los míos muy pronto.

2.- Terminar de decorar la casa: cuando nos mudamos decidimos enfocarnos en las áreas de la casa que más se usan, pero ya es tiempo de terminar el resto.

3.- Mantener una vida sana: esto es algo que empecé a trabajar desde hace un par de años, pero siempre me gusta ponerlo en mi lista porque es muy importante y a veces se me olvida comer sano y caigo por cosas que no debo (no soy la única verdad)

4.- YouTube! como algunos sabrán este año pasado empecé mi canal de YouTube, y por una cosa u otra, no he podido ser constante con sacar videos, este año les prometo ser más regular y que me verán mas por ahí, así que si no se han subscrito aquí les dejo el link TheToastyLife YouTube y pásenme sus sugerencias de lo que les gusta ver.

5.- Disfrutar a la familia: Aunque somos una familia muy unida nunca este de más cuidar nuestras relaciones.

6.- Ser más organizada!

Bueno esos son algunas de mis metas este año pero mas que nada les quiero decir que disfruten el 2018! que el tiempo pasa volando! y que podemos lograr todo lo que nos proponemos!

Besos! Ari

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