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We all love weddings (most of us do at least) but when we think of all the fun we have at them we’re only thinking about the actual party we tend to forget about all those crazy weeks leading up to the big event…. What guys (and even some girls) don’t know we do to look our best, especially if it's someone we care about who’s getting married. And after attending a wedding this past weekend I was reminded of everything that goes into being ready for it.

It all starts with the dress, we all want to look our best and find that p

erfect dress for the event, (read the Snow Ball Effect) sometimes we are lucky and already own a dress that will work perfect. If you don’t then you know what I'm talking about, the running around stores, trying to figure out if you’ll be wearing the same thing as the groom’s sister or if you’ll accidentally pass for one of the bridesmaids. Pfff

Then comes the diet… ]: after we find the dress it doesn’t matter if it fits like a glove, we will start that crazy diet so it looks even better, be honest! Those girls who say “oh I don’t diet” HA! Either yes you have been genetically blessed or they are lying. Ok yes a little detox or healthy eating never hurt anyone…. More on that later.

Lets say this whole process starts a month before (usually more but lets say 4 weeks) so week one: dress and diet starts. Week two the overconfident period begins “I’m all set for the party got my dress and with this diet it is going to look amazing” “I can relax now” … this will last about 3 days until you start realizing that its basically a week away and that a week minus 4 days means you only have 3 days to look perfect (the I'm screwed feeling hits) So you decide to add that extra spinning class to you’re routine.

Now the week before the weeding is probably the worse, that amazing diet might be working but with all the workouts and stress of the trip, we are grumpier than the Grinch on Christmas day, and thus the final touches begin… mani/pedis, spray tans, facials and just because we’re in panic mode “ I NEED SPANX’ because our diet needs that extra boost [;

So the day of the wedding has arrived and you feel relaxed (or so you think) yeah we all wake up early, shower and think “I have all day to get ready” but we are still pretty crabby from only eating green things, (green tea, salads, celery, green juice you have no idea what’s in it) somehow we make it through and its time for hair and makeup but its ok, because you booked your appointments weeks ago…. Until you walk in and you’re asked to take a seat for a couple minutes, that turn into one hour (reminder: no matter how far back you made the appointment, hair salons will always overbook and will never respect your original reservation) this will likely cause panic especially for women IN the wedding, just ask the mother of another bride that was getting ready at the same salon we were at… don’t know exactly what happened but the woman could not take it anymore and just snapped and started yelling “I AM THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE!!!!!!” o: True story… Hair and makeup done finally! but now with all the delays you only have thirty minutes to get ready, which means you didn’t have time for lunch (add another point to the Grinch mood meter) So run upstairs and squeeze yourself into those Spanx, put on that funky bra and then finally the dress and shoes.. then comes the impossible mission of trying to fit all your stuff into that annoyingly small evening bag. Then your boyfriend comes for you, claiming you’re running late and need to leave (oh he has no idea what he’s done) well to just to summarize you spend all the time down to the car arguing about how you did the best you could and that it wasn’t your fault!

Finally you get to the ceremony and when you see the bride you realize we had it easy compared to what the bride must have gone through these last six months or even more. In the end, once you’ve had dinner (finally MEAT!!!) danced, laughed, and relaxed you realize it is all worth it! Especially being able to accompany the bride and groom in their special day!

So to finish: Welcome to the fall wedding season! May the odds be ever in your favor (Just kidding… Or am I)

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