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Pearl Farmers Market

San Antonio, Texas

Going to the pearl farmers market (PFM) on Saturday mornings has truly become one of my favorite things to do here in San Antonio, and since I wasn’t going anywhere for my labor day weekend, I decided to do a couple different things during the break including this.

I first came across with the PFM about a year ago (didn’t get the memo until late) when a friend told me about it. In general I wasn’t very familiar with the whole historic pearl brewery area, I’d heard about it but I would just think “oh its downtown I’ve been to the river walk… “ So one day that I had nothing else to do, just thought, fine lets try something different this weekend. I loved the area since that first day.

Don’t know about you but I’ve had a hard time finding a place in San Antonio where you can walk around, grab a coffee, take your dog for a stroll, and do some shopping oh and enjoy great restaurants , I mean somewhere that isn’t the mall…

Now on Saturday mornings the historic area gets a visit from local farms, shops and vendors, you find mostly food (everything is SO good) but there’s also flowers especially spring/summer, candles, soap, food to eat there or if your planning on cooking at home you can get your ingredients fresh from the source, or maybe just get your weekly cravings – BREAD!!!- or since the Pearl is a dog loving community, take your furry friend for a social morning walk.

I already have my little routine; walk in and get a coffee or iced tea from Local Coffee shop, then go straight to the breakfast taco stand (get there early they run out), after that I get my Beer & cheddar loaf of bread (you have to try it!!) from the Big on the Banks bakery stand, then I just have to get the Cochinita tacos by NAO (culinary institute of America restaurant) you're good with

one but you have to try them, from there I just walk around enjoying the live music and everything that’s going on. By now you can probably tell you’re going to eat very well and a lot! So maybe skip breakfast at home and go straight to the PMF and eat there.

I really recommend going, it’s a lot of fun and its something everyone in the family can enjoy. My only thing is that it is still pretty hot this time of year so I would get there early and dress for the heat.

See you there next Saturday! (9-1 every Saturday)

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