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Mexico City 




















Being one of the largest cities in the world Mexico City has unlimited things to offer. If you think that your site seeing here will include dirt roads and burrito rides you're in for a big surprise! This was a tough one to put together, because of the extensive list of places and things one can do in Mexico City. 





Food & Shopping: 


  • Restaurante San Angel Inn (San Angel): this is an old private estate that has been created as a restaurant with traditional Mexican food, it is though a bit more dressy. I would recommend going during the day to enjoy the surroundings. Walking distance to Diego Rivera's home and studio.


  • Masaryk (Polanco): Latin America's own fifth Avenue or Champs Elysee - from all the top boutiques (Chanel, Hermes, LV) to small modern shops. Pretty much wherever you stop has a cute little coffee shop  and amazing food! 


  • Mercado Roma (Colonia Roma): This is a concept I adore! A gourmet market where you can either sit and order or pickup to go. Set up as a traditional market concept, meaning different vendors and "stalls" but highly gourmet. Foodie heaven 


  • Mercado de Coyoacan (Coyoacan): if you want your traditional tacos, quesadillas and churros, plus a little artisanal shopping this is the spot. This is a MARKET you will see everything from hand made blouses to the butcher stall with half a cow up for sale. But it is worth it! 


  • Casa De Los Azulejos (Centro Historico): Sanborn's Mexican style cafeteria and restaurant. But it is a historic building and it's beautiful.   


  • Gran Hotel De Mexico: Hotel located in the Zocalo, built in 1899, it is still intact and their rooftop restaurant overlooks the entire zocalo, one of the first James Bond movies was filmed here.

















  • Bazar del Sabado (San Angel): Only open on Saturdays, you'll find everything mexican from food to clothes and art.

Culture & Fun: 

  • Castillo de Chapultepec: once the home to emperor Maximiliano and his wife Carlota, it overlooks Mexico City and the Chapultepec forest and lake- one of my all time favorite spots in Mexico City (and dream home 😜)
























  • Museo Soumaya: to be honest you have to really check what exhibit is currently showing, because since it is a private collection gallery it may not be worth it at times, but the outside structure IS AMAZING 


  • Palacio Nacional (Zocalo): the original presidential palace of Mexico, where Independence Day (sept 15) is still celebrated.


  • Catedral (Zocalo): Even if your not religious you will fall in love with the Spanish architecture and decadence of the Zocalo and the Cathedral. 


  • Templo Mayor (Zocalo): the remains of the main temple for the first pre-Hispanic cultures living in the Texcoco Lake on which Mexico City was built. 


  • Palacio de Bellas Artes (Centro Historico): walking distance from the Zocalo you can include this in the same day. - 
























  • Casa Estudio Frida Kahlo (Coyoacan): where Frida lived and worked, still kept as she left it, with showings of her art and life. 

























  • Xochimilco: traditional boat tours, with food drinks, worth getting a group for this. 



  • Centro Historico: this area in general is what you can call the historic downtown area  which includes most of the spots listed above (zocalo and Centro Historico) I've included on its own because you can go around this main plaza in order and everything is amazing, you have restaurants, coffee, shopping, history etc...


  • Basilica de Guadalupe: our lady of Guadalupe is probably one of the most important pieces of the Mexican culture, so again even if your not religious but you are a history buff it is worth stopping by, you do need a car to get here. 




















  • Teotihuacan: pyramids, located outside Mexico City. It's probably around one hour to two hour drive. But in my opinion it is one of the must sees of the city, I can't describe how amazing the pyramids are and how this entire city is still standing. Tips: comfortable shoes, hat/sunglasses, it is a long walk and if you are planning on climbing to the top (totally do) make sure you're prepared it is tough and Mexico city's altitude does not help. I would say don't do it if you have heart issues or something like that. (More photos and tips on Teotihuacan check Toasty Travels)























  • Turibus:  double decker Tourbus through the main tourist stops in the city, good choice if you’re not sure where to start.


  • Kidzania: if you want to please your kids this is the place to go. It is literally a city for children! Inside Santa Fe shopping center, kids can get jobs, get paid, race cars, even go to jail or win the cities beauty pageant. And it is completely safe!


  • Six Flags: in case you fill like you need a bit of an amusement park, Mexico City has its own Six Flags (believe it's just as good as in the states) 




This City is SO big that I know I missed more than a few good places, so I will continue to add but these are my top picks and recommendations when visiting Mexico.


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