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Yellow Season

Falling in Love With Yellow


What marks a season for you? Weather? Colors? Scents? boots? or maybe the arrival of Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte. In fashion a season is many times marked by colors, and for me, fall has been all about this mustard yellow shade! i'm obsessed it's not vibrant but it still manages to keep that sense of "cheerfulness" Don't get me wrong I love fall and all that comes with it, and well nobody can ever go wrong with black, but in my opinion it can get a bit dark and gloomy. Especially when it's been a warm(ish) fall.

I've also gone crazy with dresses this last few months, and this craze is only getting worse during Fall and Winter! I can't help it! I absolutely love how dresses look with boots or booties! plus i'm kinda going though a "I hate jeans" phase. Jeans are a huge part of my closet and daily style, but right now I'm just tired of the look, I want more of a twist. My casual looks will most likely always revolve around jeans, but at least now, I love wearing cute little dresses while going out to lunch or just going out and about. Another thing i've noticed is a must for fall are taupe/gray boots or booties. They go with everything!! They may look gray at times but go perfectly with brown and earth tones. These Same Edelman (sold out ... sniff sniff) are actually the exact same shade as my over the knee boots (check OTK post) and you just can't go wrong with this color! except if it rains, then it'll be a very sad story. Oh BTW this purse!! called the West 57th School Bag (I know long name) it is the cutest thing ever and if you ask me amazing price for the great quality. Henri Bendel never fails! I did however think it was more of a gray color at the store and once I wore it out I realized it's actually a blue tone. Which ended up being perfect! because it kinda looks like denim blue and goes well with any color even black ... AAAND it comes in a few different shades, they vary depending on the season. I highly recommend it!

So no matter how you decide to wear it, this season's color to wear is definitely this mustard yellow. I've picked out some AWESOME mustard goodies and linked them all for you below. 


About this dress: Like many dresses and skirts, this dress is a bit longer on me than what it looks like on the model. At first I thought about getting it altered and shortening the hem just a bit. But then after I wore it, I actually didn't mind the length at all, especially with the days getting cooler. I'm 5'4 (164cm) runs true to size.



On Me

Mustard Fever!

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