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Valentines Day

Havana Hotel


So ... it's Valentine's Day!! and we're all going crazy trying to figure out what to give our special someone and most importantly what to wear!! ;) 

I'm not a fan of wearing RED I feel it's too much for me (but I do love red gowns) I was always a Barbie Doll kinda girl, so finding this skirt it just reminded me of my 90s doll. You know the big hair, bright pink accessories - aah good times - and since the weather is pretty amazing right now -perfect - This skirt is so fun why not make the whole look just as fun - just one thing to do... pair it with a donut T!! :) 


Valentine's Day is the perfect occassion to go all out on the pink and cute-sy stuff. I mean not that we need and excuse to wear pink but we get a free pass this day in particular. 


I have to say that my inspiration for this look were the balloons ... as soon as a got them it made me think of this skirt (it matches the bright pink balloons) and then the top just popped out from my closet, it has a touch of color (donuts) but it general it's quite neutral, I love wearing grey or white with some bright bottom.


Shoes!!!!! what woman doesn't love shoes??? I have to be honest when I first bought these shoes I almost took them back to the store ... I looked at them and thought these are so cool! but then in the back of my head though "oh my they are super high, pointy silver shoes, maybe they're just too much" but after that I started putting together seveal looks with them and fell in love ... they match practically everything but I do think I have to be careful what I wear with them ... either paired with something completely neutral or for a night ocassion (or even when you want a really fun look) 


And why not wear a statement necklace :) This is just a silver but BIG accessory 

P.S : taking photos with balloons is not as easy as it looks - BELIEVE ME!!! - They do not cooperate!



  • Skirt: Hot & Delicious - Similar style by Forever 21: HERE 

  • Top: Forever21 - Similar style: HERE  

  • Shoes: YSL - Similar style: TOPSHOP: HERE 

  • Necklace: Similar: HERE

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