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Spring Events / Eventos de Primavera

Hola! Espero esten bien, ya tenia un rato que no les compartia looks nuevos, por estar subiendo mas videos a youtube (TheToastyLife) pero bueno, varias me han preguntado acerca de vestidos para eventos de niños tipo primera comunion o bautizos y este fin tuvimos la primera comunion del hijo de mi prima, y se me ocurrio platicar de esto, y como me encanta hacer listas jaja se los pongo mejor como lista. 1.- Evita cosas muy cortas y pegadas (yo le digo embarradas jaja): son eventos religiosos que por lo general incluye que vayas a la iglesia, tambien son eventos con niños que un vestido muy pegado y cortito no te dejara moverte muy bien. Si usas un vestido mas pegado o al cuerpo trata de que s

I Do : A y A

When my mom used to say "Time flies, enjoy the moment" I would huff and puff and get mad, it usually meant I couldn't do something because I was too young (yeah you know the classic pre-teen and teen tantrums) of course I didn't believe it! I kept thinking I would be 15 forever! (I wish!) but Today! exactly today I can't believe it's been 3 years since I marries my best friend! I know for some 3 years is not that long, but for me it's somewhat shocking! I feel it was no more than 6 months ago! how did this happen! all I can say is Time Flies when you're having fun and happy! Oh and mom was right! life is too short, enjoy every moment! So in honor of our three year anniversary (and because so

5 Looks with a Denim Skirt

Happy Monday! Another classic makes a comeback! This spring its all about a good denim skirt, and to be honest I haven't had a (classic wash) denim skirt since high-school oh and how I wore that skirt! Loved it, it was a darker wash front pleated mini from Abercrombie & Fitch! Maybe not all styles have come back but now, it's a classic cut like this one from my recent #ToastyStyle instagram Video from Levi's. This particular one comes in a few colors and washes, but I opted for a lighter blue shade that I love and wear so much. You can also find some that are longer, even pencil skirt like, anyway, i'm so happy I finally found one I love and i'll leave all the look breakdowns and links. P.S:

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