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Pretty in Pink

Happy Thursday! So excited for the weekend finally, it's been a long week already lol but finally got all the pics from our Galentine's day with T3micro, which was amazing! hair styling with their singlepass LUXE, margarita class with Casamigos, salsa class and dinner all with some of my favorite girls! one of the things I want to talk is how to wear a statement piece whether its shoes, jacket or top, in this case being the boots. I get so many comments on these ZARA boots yet i also get the comment "oh but I couldn't pull them off" and I think that's just not true! if you like something you can definitely pull them off. Here are 4 tips to wear a statement boot: Bonito Jueves! Ya por fin se

4 ways to wear a printed Midi skirt.

hello again! You know me, and my love for midi skirts! and there's a few reasons why I love them, including that they're great for any occasion casual or formal, they can be worn by everyone and can be worn in any kind of weather. this particular skirt is from TopShop (linked below) and i'm loving how flowy it is and fun to wear. Here are the links to the looks I put together on my recent #ToastyStyle instagram video, if you haven't seen it you can click HERE to watch it. Hola! Pues creo que para ahora ya me conocen y saben que amo las faldas midi, y por varias razones, incluyendo que se ven bien en todo tipo de cuerpo, edad, son super comodas, para cualquier ocasion y clima. aqui les dejo l

Trend Alert: Combat Boots

"Guess who's back, back again ..." Lol yep another late 90s early 2000s has made a come back, we keep seeing them time and time again some trends we're happy to see again others we still wish they have stayed in the past. With combat boots I was simply waiting for the right pair, I wanted a pair but I don't like my style to go full on military combat. And then finally started to see more and more styles with a bit of heal and that's what finally sold me. The right amount of sugar to my spice ... haha. and now from the runway and high en prices to the mall and forever21 combat boots have landed and it's a fun trend to follow. I know for many of you they're to tough looking and believe me I th

4 Travel Looks that are Comfy & Chic

If there's one thing we all want when traveling is being as comfortable as possible, you never know what may go wrong and you don't want to be stuck with the wrong shoes. But at the same time we all want to look our best, in travel mode. I personally like wearing something that I would still wear in my daily life, wear a lot of jeans, either a stretch pair or something looser. I just can't wear sweats or joggers because I look like a 10year old whose lost their parents lol. Anyway here are my 4 outfit ideas I posted on my recent Instagram #ToastyStyle quicky video. Si hay algo que todas queremos cuando viajamos es vernos bien pero ir lo mas comodo posible y aunque no parezca si es posible. P

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