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5 tips for finding your perfect hair stylist

We all know that finding a good stylist and “clicking” with them is like finding your spouse ... (ok almost lol) but it is all about trust, liking their work, liking them, and everything in between. I mean you’re literally putting your hair in their hands and for most women our hair is a part of us. And after big mistakes and disappointments we usually find someone we absolutely love! I went through a couple stylists, and although they were all amazing they all had something that ended up not working out for me. The first one, was too busy with life (understandable) that booking an appointment with her meant booking 2 weeks in advance (minimum and no she wasn't a celebrity stylist, she just

New Year, New Me? 5 tips to help reach our goals.

Happy new year! I hope I’m not too late lol but anyway better late than never haha, I think we’re all finally settling back into our routine after the holiday break #SniffSniff and we all know that with the new year come the New Year’s resolutions. Let’s face many times we put crazy goals for the new year (yea we’ve all been there) many of them we can’t reach or give up half way, I want to share with you guys 5 ways to help you reach your goals; starting with three of the biggest mistakes we’ve all done! - Instead of “lose weight” set the goal of “get healthy” one of the top new year’s resolutions is losing weight and many times that an empty goal, there’s no real plan, includes crash diets

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