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5 looks for NYE, one for every mood

Hello loves and good bye 2018! At the risk of sounding like and old lady I have to say "Where did 2018 go?!" can you believe it? Anyway it's the last weekend of the year so of course we're all planning what to wear for our last parties and New Years Eve, and as is tradition (but not mandatory) we all plan on wearing something sparkly and fun. Here are the 5 looks I shared with you on my latest "Intagram Quicky" plus llinks to all the pieces available and similar subs for the sold out ones. Hola todos y adios 2018! Ya se que seguro voy a sonar a señora pero que rapido se fue el año! y no soy la unica que lo piensa! pero bueno es el ultimo fin de año y nos estamos preparando para recibir al 20

4 ways to wear a little black (sweater) dress

Hi again loves! I recently posted an outfit video on instagram, 4 ways to wear a little black dress this season. And here are all the links to my outfits, since a few of my pieces are not new, i've linked the most similar pieces I could find. I know sometimes or a lot of times we say " I have nothing to wear!" or don't want to wear that one outfit because you've worn it a few times before and don't want to repeat it again. Thats why I decided to put this together to remind us (me!) that items can be worn multiple ways and we don't always need a brand new outfit. Just some fresh ideas <3 Heres the link if you haven't seen it: Instagram Quicky: 4 ways to wear a black dress Hola otra vez! Les p

Go Bright: Why & How to wear Neon this Fall/Winter

Hi again loves! It’s almost the weekend and “winter is coming” say that in a Jon Snow voice please. But one thing that many of us seem to hide during the cold months are bright colors. And slowly our options are all black and browns, which is not a bad thing, Black is always a good idea but personally when the days are just so gloomy I feel wearing a brighter shade just adds a little light to my day. Neon colors made a comeback this season and it’s a must to try, but if you’re not sure how to wear them or just afraid it may be too much; here’s how I do it. Keep it neutral, I’ve worn this sweater dress twice now one over dark jeans, black over the knee boots, and a black cape. And like t

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