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Fall Transitions with JCPenney

Hi again! We are going through the last couple weeks of summer before Fall officially starts! And actually with all this rain, we’ve gotten lower temps which has gotten me excited for the upcoming season! I love the cold, but the Texas heat tends to drag on ... this is why I always look for good transition pieces or “light” fall items, meaning they look like fall but don’t feel like it lol ... light sweaters and jackets, cute dresses, booties, etc ... this are all things I recently found at JCPenney, and put together 4 different outfits for different moods and activities. 1.- Cute for any occasion: When I saw this dress at first, I thought it was still a bit summer-like. But I knew pairing i

Toasty In NYC

And we’re back! It’s been an amazing and exhausting past couple of weeks from L.A to NYC, and although I’m ready to sleep in and just stay home with Bhaaloo, I wouldn’t change these weeks for anything! A got a few questions about New York fashion week and if I was staying for it, after close consideration I decided to take a step back and head home to relax before having to go out of town again in a couple weeks and again October ... and it’s ok! Believe me I am having a bit of FOMO while watching NYFW but at the same time I know my health and family is more important (nothings wrong lol just being cautious and responsible) oh well now on to the good stuff! NYC! We love NYC and know the ci

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