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Trend Talk: Paper Bag Pants

Happy Monday! it's been a while since we've talked trends, probably because the hotter it gets the more we forget about trends and just start to worry about being cool. Well one of this year's biggest trends, which im sure you've seen before! The "Paper Bag" pants or shorts. I do confess though I have worn this trend for a few months now, and yet I was always lost on what to call this type of waist line, I had no idea it was literally called Paper Bag (PB for short) ... don't know why but now I do know this is the official name lol. Ok now that we know the term, PB waistlines are your new best friend, or it should be! usually these type of bottoms are high waisted, which is a huge help for o

Caribbean Summer: Baha Mar

Hello loves! I am currently on denial that our Bahamas vacation is over, I was looking for any excuse possible to stay a bit longer. Last we

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