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5 things we should never do to our hair ... But we do!

Whether they’re beauty techniques that have been passed on from our moms, Friends or we saw online, we all do at least one of these things that we shouldn’t. The reason for this post is while I have been struggling to grow out my hair, I had to do some digging to know why it has it out for me and just won’t grow past the length it’s been stuck for 2 years. And here’s what I discovered; for starters let me just say, I did not know or notice that I had damaged my hair pretty badly too: 1.- Coloring: One of the easiest ways to damage our hair is by over treating it, and come on we all love to try the latest trends; highlights, dark tones, balayage, ombre, etc. … The problem is our locks can onl

Festival Season

Hello again loves! After a few days of not being able to update anything over here (Travel, jury duty, allergies ... oh no wait a cold after all lol) But now i'm back and better than ever (says while holding the tissue box closer) I shot this look thinking of a more boho chic vibe for Festival season (Coachella) but now it also reminds a bit like Dior's current collection, so I guess it's a win! About Festival season, you usually see girls wearing super short shorts or crop tops, basically a lot of skin ... but it doesn't really have to be that way, if you see the real it girls find a way to put together that perfect Coachella look without having to show too much! This is an option if you li

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