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French Girl Look

Hello again! It’s no secret that all my saving go towards bags and shoes #NotSorry ( oh well and Bhaaloo ), but what some of you might no know, is that because I prefer to spend more money on bags and shoes (more of an investment) I don’t usually shop that much designer clothing. I love Zara and pretty much stick that price point, my favorite stores are; Zara, Revolve (which does have more pricey pieces), h&m, NAKD (for basics), Storets, etc ... Don’t get me wrong just like any other fashionista we all dream in dressing in Chanel or Dior but at times he price is just not an option, and every girl who says they wouldn’t like to get a Chanel look for less is lying! Lol who doesn’t like a

Spring Trends: Sheer Tops

Hello again! Well spring May still be a couple weeks away but this past weekend we got a weird overnight heat wave that gave us a little fast of the warmer weather to come. It came right when we had plans to go to Austin for SXSW and of course I had to improvise on have a last minute outfit change. But it’s not all bad news, it gave me a chance to try one of spring/summer biggest trends, and no i'm not talking about the father sneakers (or whatever they're called) “sheer” pieces will soon become the must have look. whether it’s skirt, dresses or tops a sheer, delicate garment will be a must in the upcoming months (you’ve probably already seen a few like Dior rock some amazing sheer skirts)

Fashion Month Highlights

And so fashion month has come to an end, and this time around I thought I would review the highlight (good and bad) from the whole month and 4 cities instead of just one like we usually do. Why? Well as much as Paris is my favorite week I could not ignore what happened in Milan with Gucci or DG. So here we go in chronological order: New York: NYC my darling city! NYFW is usually known for a more ready to wear approach and looks, but I was so happy to see them go over the top this year, like Philipp Plein, who landed a spaceship in Brooklyn (after making it snow) o and had an alien robot walk the runway. And I was completely head over heals with their boho chic vibes from Probal Gurungs (Gi

My Beauty (Travel) Favorites

Hello again loves!! Well we're slowly getting back to reality after an amazing trip with my family, and I realized; it's been a while since a did a Beauty post on what my current favorite products are. Let's face it, we rotate our beauty products out quicker than we change clothes. but this time around while packing for a somewhat long trip, I noticed that I had a few that I haven't changed out in months (even years) and others that i'm currently loving so much that I just had to take with me on our trip! so here they are: Hola queridos! pues ya poco a poco vamos regresando a la realidad despues de un viaje increible con la familia! pero mientras, me di cuenta que tiene mucho tiempo que no l

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