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The New Smooth 'N Shine!

Hello again and happy Monday! There's been a lot of hair talk lately on my channels, a few may have seen I got my hair touched up and after that I shared a few of my favorite hair products that I use at home or at the salon. What I didn't share was that I was currently testing out the new straight line from Smooth 'N Shine for review, and it's finally here! It's funny when I got the offer to test out their new line I laughed a bit (in a good way) you see, this has been my mom's go to brand for years! And she is the blow-out queen!! no matter where she is or what she's doing her hair is always perfectly straight (styles it herself) She hates not being able to style her hair and I think i've o

Paris Couture Week ss18: My top 5

The best of the fashion weeks is here from Paris! Couture week is honestly my favorite show ever! It is truly when works of art take the stage, and I love it because unlike the ready to wear fashion weeks, nothing shown on couture week has to be wearable! Because it’s art! Although I would totally wear 9 out of 10 of the looks below lol (if you want to know more about the difference between couture week and fashion week check my previous post “What you new to know about PCW” ok so this time around I’m just sharing my top 5 shows with you, just t shake things up a bit. 1.- Dior: Dior is quickly becoming one of my top shows and brands to watch! Especially after their crazy show setting. Rem

Mini Getaway: Punta Mita

We took a last minute mini getaway trip to the beach. I wasn't expecting to do a blog post about it since we just needed some time off, BUUUT a few of you asked me a lot about my looks during this weekend, so I thought to put them all together here. I got tons of complements and questions about this black dress in particular. I got it late summer from Free People, so unfortunately it's sold out now, but I truly loved the full skirt sheer look, it reminds me of a black swan ballet costume. My sandals from this same look how ever have been re-stocked! mine are actually on sale but two new colors were added. I've linked options for all my looks at the bottom, another cutie is the grey striped m

New Year, Same Me ... Maybe

New Year, Same Me ... I know most of us want to be a "new me" on the new year, but this time I feel for me it's more important to keep building up on all the hard work that went into 2017. I really admit and i'm so grateful that it was a good year for us and although -of course- i'm hoping 2018 will be even better. But whether you want a blank slate to start off this year or are continuing the work from last year, I want to wish you all the best of luck this 2018! we got this, and we can do anything we put our minds to it. In the spirit of the new year I do want to share a few of my goals and to do things on my list for this year. 1.- Grow out my hair: I've been trying to grow it out for ove

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