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3 Way to Wear an Oversized Blazer

Hello loves! How’s the holiday madness treating you? Carrying on with the top trends for this season is velvet! Especially for the holidays, I was sent this velvet oversized blazer by Tobi, and If you know a bit about my style, i love a good blazer especially if it’s long or oversized. That gave me an idea! (Insert lightbulb) a blazer is one of my go to pieces and I wear them all the time and multiple ways, and that’s something that in general I love doing! I love being able to wear pieces in different ways and not just being stuck with one look for a garment. For so long a stayed away from blazers, mainly because I was getting dark 2005 flashbacks ... I know i'm not alone lol But once the t

Tis’ The Season+Snow in Texas!

Hello again loves! It’s December! Which basically means it’s officially Christmas/Holidays! And no matter what your holiday may be, it’s a fun season for all! I know I don’t usually get too personal on my blog, mostly try to keep it light and fun! I like having a positive and easy place to get away from all the madness and negativity going around in the world. To follow up on December’s to-do list, we got our Christmas tree! And I admit we went a bit overboard with it! #Guilty this is just our second Christmas since Arturo and I got married, and I like to joke that this is what happens when you let two kids go Christmas shopping on their own ... we both love tree shopping as a result we’ve e

What I wore: Vail, Colorado

First off who else is having major holiday weekend withdrawals?! We just got back in town from Vail, Colorado and we had a blast! I honestly had even a better time than I was expecting. Most of you may know I love cold weather and pretty much everything that comes with it, obviously fashion coming at the top of that list. Packing for a cold vacation was not hard at all for us, believe me my coats and jackets were screaming to get out, but this was actually our first time Skiing - I mean I water ski and im pretty good at it, but apparently doesn't count as previous experience - So we actually had to do some digging and ask around to friends and in stores for what did we really need to go on o

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