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Not-So Casual Holiday

The holidays are here! it's so weird how Christmas officially starts after ThanksGiving! it's like mom's already have the snowman table cloth under the thanksgiving turkey one ... maybe they do ... I'm the first one to love a cute holiday dress, but sometimes some of our events are more casual, and just because it's the holiday's that doesn't mean our jeans are not good enough, we just have to find the perfect top to go with them. I recently got this top from Bailey44 and I completely fell in love with it! it has that very elegant look to it and although I tried it different ways, I thought the perfect way to up my denim style was with this top! I tucked the front in to make it a bit more ca

Who is Riley Rose?

Let me introduce you to Forever21's newest baby! Riley Rose! RR is the retails giant's new beauty store and it's AMAZING! Full disclosure this place turned me into a 12 year old girl! We recently got the opportunity to check out the San Antonio location before it opened, from the minute I walked in I went crazy, some may have noticed from my stories lol. They carry many beauty lines such as Stila, Eva nyc, Living proof, among others including many Korean beauty lines. If you know me thats one of my must half beauty products are Korean Gel Face masks! yep almost every night those babies are my bffs. The San Antonio location at the shops at la cantera is only the second store in the states aft

Bazaar Del Sabado

Since I was young one of my favorite things to do in Mexico City was go to the "Bazaar Del Sabado" (Saturday Bazaar) and it's

Must Have: Check coat

Oh the coveted checked coat! It may come in many shapes, sizes and fabrics but the point is this classic print is one of this season's must have styles and pieces. This particular one is longer and warmer and its from Riverisland which is now available in the U.S. This one i'm wearing is a size a UK size 10 which is like a Medium. Texas may be crazy with it's temperatures but so glad I got to take this out for a spin before it heated up again. I also want to open to discussion boyfirend jeans ... I have a love hate relationship with them, I love these but they have no stretch to them and the denim is thicker, but I kinda love the edgy vibe, but what do you all think, do you prefer stretch sk

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