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Pink Velvet Pants

Once upon a time ... Here’s the story on these pants and why I was so excited to share them with you! I’m a denim lover, there’s no secret there but you’ve all heard me say before how I hate getting in a rut and not having options. Sometimes we just need something different, something edgy and just something new! I found these pants at Anthropologie the other day, at first I saw an off white pair but they didn’t have my size, and then randomly these pink ladies appear sitting on a table, at first I was like “hmmm too much” but then that “why not?!” mentallity crossed my mind, and well let’s just try them on. Once I put them on I was so surprised by the fit! They actually fit better and make

Fall Mini

Hi Loves! Time to go beyond jeans and the same old Fall regulars! I adore how mini skirts look in cold (ok cool) weather, But going through my closet the other day I realized there wasn't much there when it came to skirts suitable for fall. I found one which is more of a formal skirt. I didn't actually own anything casual enough for day to day stuff that was suitable for autumn. Thankfully I had just ordered this one from Madewell and it was on it's way. This made me think about upgrading a few pieces and wearing more than just skinny jeans and boots. So i've rounded up some of my favorite Fall skirts for you ladies and well let's be honest for myself aswell, most of these skirts are short a

Stary Night: Little Black Dress

Hello again loves! it's never too early to start looking for holiday party dresses, it may just be October but from here to New Year's it's like someone punches the fast forward button. For us having our family living out of town it means that we most likely have to see everyone before the important dates. At the same time not all events are cotail attaire but you still want to look cute! well this is where this little number from ChicWish comes in! On their website photo it actually looks like a top and is listed as a Tunic but i'm 5'4 and it works perfectly as a dress, and a very comfortable one for that matter, oh and it just went on sale! It might even be a great halloween party dress or

Hello October!

Well Hello October! I’ve been expecting you! This past month I haven't been very active on here or on social media, for those who follow me you may have noticed I cut down on my posting. It's just been a crazy month with hurricane after hurricane followed earthquakes. Many of you know this already but my home town; where I grew up, where all my family lives, and where I spend half of my time, is Mexico City, which was hit pretty hard by the September 19th earthquake. It’s funny that for those of us who grew up in this highly seismically active area, quakes are part of our lives. In school, we have earthquake drills and are taught what to do during an event like this. Mexico is one of the few

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