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Sweater Weather : Chicago

Hi loves! Well we're back home with Bhaaloo and I can't help it but I miss Chicago's amazing weather this past weekend! Here the weather and temperatures will be crazy for a couple more months, and not really sweater ot boot weather, so i'm glad I got to wear some of my early fall favorties this weekend, like this WildFox sweater (which is 50% off so hurry! entire outfit linked at the bottom, I'm wearing a size medium but I could have gotten the small but it wasnt available) and of course my OTK boots! among other looks. Our trip to Chicago was not completely planned, Arturo (my husband) had to go to the windy city for business and neither of us had ever been so he asked if I wanted to meet

A Girl's Guide to Designer Bags

“I like my money right where I can see it, Hanging in my closet”. - Carrie Bradshaw. Photo via @TheToastyLife instagram It’s no secret that women (ehemm me) have a weakness for fashion, and for most this weakness gravitates more towards shoes and handbags (eheem again me). I am deeply affected by this #TheStruggleIsReal. Lately I have been asked about my handbags, especially by girls looking to buy their first “it bag” or wanting to finally get their hands on that designer bag that they’ve been crushing on over for years, so I decided to write this guide for those who feel lost on what to buy. In recent studies it has been proved that handbags are one of the best investments when in comes to

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