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Mint & Maple: Modern Calligraphy 101

Disclaimer: I don't have a girly handwriting! or a cute one for that matter. I've always struggled with signing thank you notes or any kind of letter. Mainly because I write just pretty much the same as a shaky doctor whose been on one too many rotations. On a good day it looks like a business man's notes.- Point is it's not the cute one most girls have, you know the nice round chubby letters which are clear and a easy to read. So when I got the offer to join Mint & Maple for one of their monthly calligraphy classes at bird bakery it was a no brainer! I told one of my best friends about it and she immidietely jumped in and said she had been wanting to take one as well! She said handwritten

Meet Neely & Chloe!

It's not as common as we would think to see a new brand come to life in a fun new way. We've seen labels re-brand or do some sort of spinoff from their main brand, we even see new house labels arrive to department stores. I don't know about you but seeing a new name come to life is kinda (very) exciting! Well I'd like to introduce you all to Neely & Chloe (if you haven't met already) this sister duo has come up with a bright yet simple and much needed accessory brand. In a world where everything is about fast fashion and who's go the newest and shiniest thingamabob quality is often forgotten! The truth is I believe and I think the girls (N&C) can agree, a good accessory should last us a long

One & Done

What's your favorite summer outfit? And don’t say shorts and flip flops. Think more of that perfect look that makes you feel happy and yet still perfect for the season … I myself am more of a mini dress kind of girl, mainly because I love how the look, feel, and just comfy. But there are quite a few instances especially during summer that dresses may not be appropriate, and when this happens my go to outfit is a jumpsuit or romper. Let’s be honest we really do need some sort of bottoms, lets say riding a bike, going to a park, or if you have kids or little loved ones, wearing pants may come in handy. We’re not 5 anymore and showing our undies is no longer cute. Just like a dress it’s one pie

Paris Couture Week 2017

Everything you need to know about Couture Week! what is Haute Couture, what is Paris Couture week and Why was 2017 different!

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