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T3: Ready For Summer!

Hi Loves! If you know me by now you may have noticed that my signature look are easy waves, and that's all good because I know how to do them. You could say it's my comfort zone, what you don't know is I struggle a bit when switching out my looks, for example wearing my hair straight ... the horror!!! So I have very thing hair, which means if I use a flat iron my hair will be overly straight. But hair thin hair is no biggie it actually means it's easy to handle and style, just got to know how ... #Help This is where T3 Micro comes in, You've probably heard me say my favorite curling iron is only $15 and I stand by but if it's one thing i've learned is finding good hair tools are always a goo

Street Style Secret

My top 6 brands to look chic and stylish that don’t break the bank! Do you ever look at all the it girls walking down the street, just a casual day but yet their outfits are just so stylish and original? So, this has happened to pretty much all of us, and then we go to our favorite stores and they just don’t have anything similar unless you hit the premier designers and cash out over $600 for a look that you just want for lunch or coffee with your friends. So lately I’ve been getting these types of questions, like these Zara pants (not that I consider myself and it girl or anything) but I do love one of a kind pieces and being original with my looks as much as I can. Well here’s my secret an

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