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Well Hello Spring!

Well Hello Spring! ​ The season that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived!!! Whether you like it because of the season, styles/fashion or simply because of the weather, Spring is quite exciting. Some are planning graduations, getting ready to head to college, planning summer vacations, going on spring break … It’s like the last breather before summer. We are planning a few trips, some very exciting opportunities have come up, our one year wedding anniversary is fast approaching (can’t even believe it) and two of my best friends are getting married before summer even begins! So yea spring is going to be a crazy season! Please don’t hate me but I’m back with the ruffles! But this

PFW Fall 2017 Runway Report

So, the madness known as fashion month has come to an end, and like always going out with a bang by closing in Paris. Which let’s face it’s the fan (and designer) favorite and with good reason! Although Milan is not far behind, labels and designers go full out when it comes to Paris, So I’ve decided to do a quick recap on a couple of my favorite shows which were Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, and of course Chanel. Louis Vuitton: LV is one of my favorites because the collection is as much a thrill to watch as is the surprise of the location and stage, this year was no exception! I mean closing down the Louvre and having the girls strut besides those iconic walls … I mean come on! The collection

Ready For Spring Break?

Hello loves! Exciting post today! I got to go on Great Day SA today and share some great accessories for spring break that will carry you all the way through summer! I have to be honest my favorite season is winter (that's just me I love the cold and all that comes with it) but I confess I do look forward to the warmer months and getting to wear all the spring trends. This is where my love for spring comes in! we get a taste for what summer is going to be like without being forced into shorts and sandals. This is why I like spring weather, it's more forgiving and we can mix and match more pieces, like booties, light sweater, short dresses, etc.. So the pieces I shared on the show today are m

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to me! So since it’s my birthday and all I’ve decided to add to this week’s post, 10 facts about me, just for fun. 1.- I was born in New Jersey, lived in Europe as kid but grew up mostly in Mexico City 2.- I have been a beach bum since I was 4, we would go to the beach every single weekend and vacation. 3.- I hate avocados! Sorry but never liked those green guys not even because I’m from Mexico 4.- I don’t have a specific favorite food … I can eat pretty much anything and love it … except avocados. 5.- I am a pretty good tennis player (; 6.- Currently live in San Antonio. 7.- Although I am a morning person and wake up early I like to roam around the house in my pj’s, so does t

Resort Wear: What and how to pack

Let’s be honest for the most part when you hear resort wear we have no idea what that actually means. Or how to dress for a beach vacation,

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