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Turtle Neck Hair

There are things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, but long hair and turtle neck sweaters are not one of them. But with the temperatures only dipping lower and lower for the next few months we have to make it work. If your hair is past shoulder length you've had that feeling of drowning in knit fabric and your locks (I have and I hate it!) but at the same time my hair is such a big part of my daily style. Instead of giving in I have 4 favorite styles to pull off the perfect turtle neck hair. 1.- The tuck in: this is my favorite and the go to one for all the fashion lovers right now, probably because it looks chic and is the easiest one to do. Simply style your hair how you u

The Wedding Issue! Part 1

We’ve past the six-month mark!!! Actually down to 4 months until the big day, it’s still pretty good time to do everything we have to do, but I can feel the rush now, this is when it all starts to pile up. Especially because we can’t really count on December as a useful month, with the holidays we cant really get anything done. Cutting our time down to basically 3 months. I finally decided to do a “wedding post” and share this whole experience (and process) with you. Before getting engaged I was horrified by all the wedding planning stories friends would tell me, I mean I heard it all from the dress not arriving in time (which is quite serious) to having a mental breakdown about napkins or t

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