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Finding Thanksgiving

For someone not raised in the U.S or born to American parents/family, thanks giving is something foreign. Yes we know what it means but it’s probably because you learned about it in school or you see it in movies and TV. I still remember people being shocked that I did not celebrate thank giving at all, and how I had to explain that it is 100% an American tradition, never the less I love the meaning of this holiday! I know my parents must have celebrated thanksgiving at least once while we lived in New Jersey but I was tiny! There’s no way I remember any of it, what I do remember growing up watching thanksgiving dinners on TV mostly TV shows where they all have their “Thanksgiving Special” i

Balmain x HM: The Madness

After months of anticipation the madness of HMxBalmain has come, and gone in a matter of hours. This was one of the most successful collaborations between high fashion and fast retailer. It's not the first one, but honestly HM had never done something of this magnitude, and even though people went crazy I am glad top fashion designers do these kind of projects. In an interview Olvier Rousteing, creative director for Balmain, said he really wanted to do this collaboration with HM because he grew up not being able to afford those top brands. And I just loved that!! So many designers now forget where they come from or just forget about us mere mortals who can't afford to dress like Kim K.

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