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H&M Beauty is Here!

​ Last week I was fortunate to attend the grand opening of the newest H&M store in San Antonio at North Star Mall. And got a first look at the place before the doors actually opened! But most important we got a chance to check out H&Ms baby ... The Beauty Department! And after a while looking like children at a candy store we got a gift bag with a selection of their products. I won't lie, I have never been a fan of clothing brands makeup lines. I'm sorry but I keep feeling like, stick to what your good at! Except for lipgloss that I buy anywhere (within reason) and don't get me wrong I LOVE cheap makeup! I can spend hours at CVS or Walgreens at the cosmetics aisle. For example I really don't

Key to The Cure 2015

October! also known as breast cancer awareness month is here! And it's amazing how much support cancer centers and foundations receive, it is something that goes on all year but I love that there is a whole month just to create awareness and let people know a little bit more about the decease. At one point or another in our lives we have somehow been touched or affected by cancer, whether it's a family member, friend, co-worker or a casual acquaintance, we have unfortunately learned how terrible this thing is. One of my favorite campaigns has been the Key To The Cure (KTTC) from Saks in partnership with Stand Up to Cancer. It's rare to see a brand successfully combine fashion and cause in on

New Kids in Town

Photo Cred. Bowl and Barrel at The Rim. We made it to the weekend!!!! I don’t know about you, but this week was a tough one! Kept thinking it was almost over and it was barely Tuesday (we’ve all had one of these) But its Friday so time to plan our weekends! These last couple months, quite a few new places have opened here in San Antonio, some are classic and others a completely different concept to what we’re used to. So feeling like trying something new this weekend?? Here are my top picks: (not in any order) 1.- The General Public: located at the newest section at the Rim (behind Palladium) The place in my opinion successfully merged both concepts of bar and restaurant, you can have both d

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