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The Boyfriend Shirt

Fall has arrived!!!! (Or so we're told ... in Texas we're still waiting) One of my favorite trends for fall is the boyfriend shirt (oversized) apart from the obvious that this look is probably the most comfortable one ever, it can be worn and styled many ways, and are also perfect for these transition months when one day its still 95 (35C) and the next it drops 20 degrees. Three of my favorite ways to style it! 1. - With skinny jeans and killer heals, because the shirt has mostly no shape, pairing it with these will make it look like there’s still someone under there (in my opinion making it cute and stylish) - And to be honest, whoever invented the "No white after labor day" never spent fal

Fresh Start

So I made it through my first detox, I’ve been meaning to do a cleanse for a while and especially now after summer and vacations. I did try to be good and eat healthy snacks like fruit and veggies during summer, but I like enjoying myself while on vacation (Who doesn’t)? To the point where on my last stay in Mexico City I had a churro overload (yes there is such a thing) well maybe it was a -taco, churro, hot chocolate and god knows what else- overload. (I regret nothing!!) Up until like 5 in the morning when I could only ask my self “why me??” – it was bad- but then again that’s what summer is all about! Coming back to reality I felt like my body also needed a reboot. As many of you may

Macaron Night

It's not the first time I've posted about Sur La Table's super fun cooking classes, but this was actually my first sweet class! I had been wanting to take one of the dessert classes but the times never lined up with my schedule. And then a miracle happened ... One opened up and not just any kind of dessert but Macarons!! (For those who don't know this I am a the super fan of Macarons ... Like most people for that) and the timing was perfect it was actually on Labor Day, and I had no plans at all. Like I've said before these cooking classes are such a fun experience, they're completely hands on, so you really do learn exactly how to do things not just staring at the chef. I love them becaus

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