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The Swim Issue

With summer comes great responsibility … (HAHA) but true we come to the point that we need to pick our swimsuits and it can be a bit challenging; are these triangles to small, will it cover enough, or even am I too covered up… (click on images to shop pieces) For me it all comes down to where you’re going, whom you’re going with, and what you’re doing there. And I break it up into 3 groups; Friends, Family, and your special someone. 1- Friends: When taking a trip with your girlfriends we can wear something a bit riskier, maybe a smaller cut, usually this kind of trip is to tan our day away until looking like a very well done piece of bacon (always wear sun block) Make sure that if your main

Pack Your Bags!

This past Wednesday (07.08.15) I got the opportunity to share a few of my "smart travel tips" on San Antonio Living! And first of all let me just say that what was almost giving me a nervous breakdown (this was my first ever live show/appearance of any kind) ended up being one of the best experiences ever! I'm used to sharing while writing on Toasty A but actually talking and sharing live with all of you was amazing! I really hope that everyone enjoyed the segment and most of all I hope it was helpful for anyone planning a trip. And because of this I decided to share those tips here and then some! - plus a link to the segment in case you missed it and want to check it out! (Click on photo to

Summer Workouts

The scorching hot temperatures during summer are no excuse to quit our outdoor workouts and favorite sports (although it's hard not too) Being a tennis player there's not much you can do to escape the heat, you can maybe switch part of your fitness indoors but to be honest that's pretty much it. The one thing that does change for me is my schedule, I try to go earlier for morning sessions or later in the afternoon, anything that helps... that's pretty much it, and in the end most tournaments will be played just about when the court is catching fire anyway, so might as well get used to it. Like most outdoor sports, doesn't matter if you're careful, you will be left with quite a few unflatteri

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