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Summer Is Coming

Trend Alert: It’s starting to feel more and more like summer everyday, and even though we’ve had crazy rain and floods (Texas and other areas) we know that the scorching temps are not far. For those of us who are familiar with Sun’s-Surface-like summers, you know that dressing cute and flirty is not always possible, it can get so bad that the only thing we want to do is walk around in a bikini all day. The off the shoulder top trend is one thing that has me actually looking forward to warmer (I said warmer, not burning hot … but ok) weather. I saw them a lot in LA and Coachella but had a hard time finding them in Texas (I guess it was still too early to shop them in stores) but not to worry

Fringe Madness

Shoes, jackets, bags, skirts! Fringe is everywhere and on anything so it’ s without a doubt the must for the spring/summer season. And one of the reasons I love fringe, apart from being fun and giving movement to our looks, its something you can wear as little or as much as you want. It can be just a detail on shoes, or have a jacket completely covered in it. You don’t have to compromise your style to pull it off, like we’ve all done with that fad that never looked good on us but we just had to buy! Not sure why fringe is so popular right now, it might be because of Coachella or maybe a love for western movies but I couldn’t be happier! Some of my favorite pieces would have to be shoes and b

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