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As many already know October is breast and women’s cancer awareness month, and through the years the amount of ways to help and raise awareness have grown so much, whether its participating in walks or runs, social events, galas or donating those extra $5 at Walgreens, take your pick! want to do a little extra and are asking yourself how can you help this month?? Well here’s what I did…. I helped out in a very fashionable way, and got something pretty chic in return! I love fashion (as if it wasn’t obvious by now) so every year Saks Fifth Av. Partners up with the Entertainment Industry Foundation to support Women’s Cancer Research Fund, and put together their Key to The Cure campaign (KTTC).


We all love weddings (most of us do at least) but when we think of all the fun we have at them we’re only thinking about the actual party we tend to forget about all those crazy weeks leading up to the big event…. What guys (and even some girls) don’t know we do to look our best, especially if it's someone we care about who’s getting married. And after attending a wedding this past weekend I was reminded of everything that goes into being ready for it. It all starts with the dress, we all want to look our best and find that p erfect dress for the event, (read the Snow Ball Effect) sometimes we are lucky and already own a dress that will work perfect. If you don’t then you know what I'm talk

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