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If you think that the Havana hotel is a brand new spot (like I did) you’re wrong, the hotel's doors originally opened in 1914, and has gone through a few owners since then. But I have to say that what Liz Lambert and Bunkhouse Management has done with it since 2010 has been amazing! They have maintained the hotel’s original charm but they gave it that extra chic boost we all love, although I have not stayed at the hotel itself, I have fallen in love with the place and the feeling you get once you walk in to Ocho (restaurant) As I went through the main gates I could feel that 1920’s Cuban tropical glamour I have only seen in movies taking over. To get to Ocho you turn left and follow the sli


I think we’ve all heard about a Snow Ball effect- When you take something very simple and some how slowly keeps growing turning into a huge mess. Well for some reason I created this for myself while searching for the perfect dress for a wedding. here goes…. First off I always have a couple rules to follow when getting a dress for a wedding, maybe more like guidelines but still must be followed: 1.- Make sure you know what the bridesmaids are wearing. Believe me this rule comes from personal experience and it was no fun. I showed up to a family friend’s wedding and somehow a managed to match exactly the shade of purple of my dress to the bridesmaids, and because of this I spent the entire nig


Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to help out but you don’t know how? Well I'm always thinking that, I have done my fair share of community service, but sometimes I just sit back and realize I've been so blessed in my life, and never have had to experience hunger, but then I don’t know where to start or how to help exactly. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine told me about the No Kid Hungry organization and their blogger program, so I started doing my research to see how this worked (there’s always that feeling of “will this actually help people in need") and let me tell you I loved all their programs and right away decided to join the NKH blogger team to help spread the word. What


BRUNCH: San Antonio, TX. I don’t know about you, but I think BRUNCH is the best meal of the day… first you get to eat breakfast as lunch without anyone judging you for having eggs in the middle of day, second MIMOSAS!! Need I say more :) , third brunch menus are way better, like fried chicken and waffles (first time I heard about this I cringed) and finally brunch is just so posh, since its later in the day you get to dress up, unlike eating your cereal in your PJs, smudged makeup, and a huge birds nest sitting on your head which will probably require an entire bottle of conditioner to untangle. Don’t get me wrong those days are so nice and I know cause that would be me. But Sunday brunch g


Pearl Farmers Market San Antonio, Texas Going to the pearl farmers market (PFM) on Saturday mornings has truly become one of my favorite things to do here in San Antonio, and since I wasn’t going anywhere for my labor day weekend, I decided to do a couple different things during the break including this. I first came across with the PFM about a year ago (didn’t get the memo until late) when a friend told me about it. In general I wasn’t very familiar with the whole historic pearl brewery area, I’d heard about it but I would just think “oh its downtown I’ve been to the river walk… “ So one day that I had nothing else to do, just thought, fine lets try something different this weekend. I love

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