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Its that time of year again, and its not a good one, its when the post-summer-vacation depression starts kicking in… school and work start all over again and summer is coming to an end. If you’re grumpy right now and cant even look your boss in the eyes because he just reminds you, you’re no longer at the beach (also applies to teachers) don’t worry you’re not the only one. I’ve come to accept it and like the flu we just have to let it runs its course ): But listening to Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness again will only make it worse And if this wasn’t bad enough I’m having a bit of a fit with the stores and brands right now, I always do this time of year. I really hate this in between sea


Matisse: Life in color San Antonio Museum of Art This weekend I finally got a chance to go to the Matisse: life in color, exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA), which is showing until September 7th. I’ve always been a huge fan of Matisse, since I was younger, I love his use of color and how all of his work seems to have amazing movement. “life in color” is very well put on, it follows Matisse’s work from his early years all the way to some pieces of his later ones, including the Nice period. SAMA has been very smart on setting up this particular exhibit, the tickets are sold by time stamps, allowing no more than 80 people per thirty minutes, so you really get to enjoy the work wi


Hello again toasty bunnies! As you might all know by my previous post, I am a firm supported of Shellac (gel) nail polish, but as I was reading through a magazine a came by an ad by Sally Hansen selling this new nail-polish MIRACLE GEL. It claims to be just as good as the salon gel, looks the same, lasts up two weeks, all this by claiming it doesn’t need light to dry, oh and removes easily with regular nail polish remover…. So I admit I let out a sort of Pfff sound in disbelief and kept reading. Yesterday though as I walked into Walgreens I found my self standing in front of this entire Sally Hansen stand with huge letters that read OMGel (clever) at first I thought “stop following me!” bu


There's been quite a bit of buzz going around about 'it's a.10" hair care products; you know the usual, are they any good? How much do they cost? And are they worth it? So here it goes: I say YES they are good, and some of their products DO cost more than your usual non-salon brands. Now when it comes to our last question. Are they worth it? Again I say YES but this time with a small but. Here's why; I absolutely love and can't live without their leave-in sprays, especially the keratin line, it's the only thing that untangles my hair completely, makes it smooth and keeps it from turning into a giant frizz ball. Then you have their miracle mask treatment, the blow-dry volumizer, shine spray w


Hey Toasty bunnies! I decided to review the shellac nail polish since its now everywhere and I am one of those who fell in love with it since it came out. Since the first time I tried it I was just like "this is too good to be true! How can it not smudge or chip and last up to 2 weeks!" and yes it is a bit more pricy than a regular manicure, but it was so worth it. But then of course the conspiracy theories started pouring in!! As you all may know in order to dry the gel type polish your hand needs to be placed inside a small UV light box, so basically skin cancer was imminent.... So I decided to do some digging of my own before breaking up with shellac for good. And yes indeed like everythi

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