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Biscuit Paint Wall. Houston TX.


While in Houston I stopped by the Biscuit Paint Wall (had seen some pics) and to be honest I fell in love with it! i'm obsessed with color so this was my kind of background! The weather was just right for a nice skirt and casual top. Especially this skirt from GAP its so comfy (like a extremely soft jersey fabric) And since the outfit is basically black and white I just had to take a picture so the wall would stand out.


One of the most essential pieces of clothing you can have in your closet is a good denim jacket. Though I do have to admit that when it started making their comeback I was a bit skeptical since it reminded me of myself during some not so stylish pre-teen years. But I was wrong!!  Jeans are a basic must and go with practically anything therefore a denim jacket will do just that - I love how pairing it with something that might look too formal, will instantly give it that edgy look.


I have to admit wearing my hair like this was not planned... I have not put my hair up into pony tails in probably 10 years!


My hair was not immune to Houston's rain showers and intense humidity this past weekend. So the only thinng I could try was putting my hair up - but how? then I thought about the wall and all the fun colors that made me want something equally fun - Thus the pony tails! and I loved the result! 


If you ever have a style craving (hair or outfit) go for it! You might love it and if you hate it, there's always tomorrow :)  (maybe just don't experiment when you have a special event like a wedding or anything where photos are inevitable - you don't want a fashion faux-pas immortalized. 


For this type of skirts I like to pair then with a shorter, cropped top, or maybe tuck it inside the skirt. since its fit and flare style its better to show the skirts shape, it might look good with a long top but we risk looking like a bell... 

Shop the look:


  • Top: ZARA (similar Here)

  • Jacket: AG jeans (Here) or similar (AEO Here)

  • Skirt: GAP (Here)

  • Shoes: YSL (similar Here)

  • Sunglasses: Dior (similar Here)

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