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Spring Flirt

San Angel, Mexico City


I can't believe that we can now say we our days away from our wedding!! (12 days to be exact ... but who's counting) and this outfit was picked for our "engagment photos" - Back story: I never really wanted engagement photos, I fealt like the whole idea was to cheasy, even though I love seeing other peoples sessions. It wasn't until our wedding photographer said he liked doing what he called "a casual photoshoot" of the bride and groom. He said we could also do it after the wedding like the "Trash the Dress" style, but im sorry I am never trashing my wedding dress. But ok, so he insisted and oh well why not ... I am so greatful now!

Had an amazing time and it really helped to narrow down our styles for the actual wedding.I highly recommendit, this way you can let your photographer know what you, what are you good angles, your good or bad side, posing no posing etc....  Now back to the outfit, whats more romantic and spring like than a red lace dress?? maybe a few things but I just can't think of any :) Although I have to admit, i've always thought red is a bit harsh and hard to pull off, but this Lovers+Friends number is in between red hot and cherry color which for me is better. Also the shoot was going to be at a park and gardens, during the day ... so getting all glammed up wasn't really an option, hence the booties. I love pairing spring/summery dresses with booties. It gives them a complete new look and vibe. 


(sharing a few from this session :)


  • Dress: Lovers+Friends via Revolve (Runs Large)

  • Bag: Saint Laurent 

  • Boots: Christian Louboutin (oldies)

  • Sunglasses: "Dior So Real"



Get the look:

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