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Spring Feeling

San Antonio Museum Of Art


I’m always the first one to want more cold weather especially here in Texas. I’m a sucker for boots, coats, scarves and well all the winter good stuff, but these past days that we’ve had some unseasonably warm temperatures, I just couldn’t help my self and had to put together a spring inspired look. 


One of my spring/summer must haves is a well done crisp white shirt, it goes with everything and finding the right one will always boost your look and give it that clean classic vibe.


What makes a really great outfit? (Street wear not cocktail) For me it's being able to both dress it up with heels or make it an everyday look with a pair of Converse, sneakers or flats.


Get the Beach hair going! It’s a rule that whenever we need our hair to cooperate it will do completely the opposite and when we’re locked up in our house in our pjs it decides to look amazing … starting the New Year I wanted a boost so I went ahead and got a bit more color and light into my hair I just couldn't wait for summer any longer, maybe this way these last winter months won't seem so dark ;)

And well what says summer more than some killer pair of sunglasses! My latest obsession has become Quay Australia, all their sunnies are amazing and I just can’t get enough! Here I’m wearing one of their latest models  “My Girl” 


Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” and I couldn’t agree more! Yes sometimes wearing a bunch of bracelets is pretty cool, but first you need to ask yourself: what piece or pieces do I want to highlight?? In my case my bag is one color and accessories are another (sunnies - no more than three colors) So that's the color pop in my look. Keep it neutral neutral. And I love how this top is good on its own so I don’t want to over power it with a necklace or big earrings. Let your style speak for itself! 

Shop the look:


  • Top ZARA (similar here)

  • Pants ZARA (similar here)

  • Sunglasses Quay Australia (here)

  • Bag Goyard (In store at Goyard)

(Similar from GiGi New York at Saks shop here)

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