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The Fixer Upper life made simpler with Walmart+

Well, living through a remodel is not as fun and easy as you see on TV.

Starting with the fact that half the house is unusable, last time I talked about the Walmart+ membership benefits and how it helped out during us packing up our last home, I had no idea just how crazy things would get!

So here’s an update so far. We moved into our “fixer Upper” almost 4 months ago. We did all paint, floors and demo before moving in, the rest we’ve been living through, yep including having no kitchen, main bathroom or closet.

To start out we’ve had to get creative with food and trying to stay healthy, you can only eat out so much, thankfully Walmart+ Offers all of Walmart’s fresh grocery options to help out with that.

Another thing that has been tough on me is that a lot of times when you have work going on around the house, you have to be home. To let the teams in, make sure Bhaaloo doesn’t run out lol and just in case anything comes up … also where my Walmart+ membership comes in! Same day deliveries from my store for what I might need during the day. I also feel somewhat spoiled by now, that I can get exactly what I need at my front door just as if I had picked it up myself, well and not only from my local store but Walmart+ offers greats benefits and deals from

And although we can finally see the light and everything is almost completed, the holidays are right around the corner! can anyone explain to me how 2021 is almost over?? anyway it's like were going from one crazy project to another (holiday shopping and hosting oh and

decorating #HELPME ) ok but to be fair the shopping and hosting does get easier with my Walmart+ membership ... Order again and again whatever your needs with unlimited free delivery on fresh, high-quality groceries for holiday gatherings and gifting wins all season long ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.) (i'm the one that ALWAYS forgets stuff when ordering/shopping, no judgement here) and for example, getting gifts, getting food for family visiting, hosting items, friendsgiving, you can just keep ordering and it never costs you more!

What is Walmart+ exactly: it's the amazing membership program by Walmart. With unlimited free delivery from local stores, Walmart+ is the go-to membership to save time and money and make life easier. offering:

- Same day Free deliveries from your local store ($35 minimun)

- Free shipping from no order minimum

- Early access to experiences, events and deals (like black friday coming up

- Member prices on Fuel

- RX for less

- Start your free trial today and pay $98 a year. Or maybe even gift a Walmart+ Membership to a friend here

Anywho, we've started unpacking our kitchen and bathroom stuff (finally after 4 months!) and when we moved we got rid of a lot of stuff that we didn't need, we kinda decluttered and now that we're unpacking i'm finding things I want to replace or upgrade for the new house and the style. i've linked some of my must have essentials right now and some favorites

Well thanks fro following along our crazy life!

Dinner+kitchen essentials (yes i'm all about turkey and dessert)

Home Decor finds:

Ad: Although this content is sponsored by Walmart+ all opinions and selections are my own


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