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Meet Neely & Chloe!

It's not as common as we would think to see a new brand come to life in a fun new way. We've seen labels re-brand or do some sort of spinoff from their main brand, we even see new house labels arrive to department stores. I don't know about you but seeing a new name come to life is kinda (very) exciting!

Well I'd like to introduce you all to Neely & Chloe (if you haven't met already) this sister duo has come up with a bright yet simple and much needed accessory brand. In a world where everything is about fast fashion and who's go the newest and shiniest thingamabob quality is often forgotten! The truth is I believe and I think the girls (N&C) can agree, a good accessory should last us a long time and not just the designer labels! in general! no matter your budget a purse should have good enough quality to stand by you through years to come, and even though they come from a fashion background, their last name is actually Burch as in Tory Burch, Yes they're her nieces! They're making their own waves with this new concept.

Another reason why I'm obsessed is the way these ladies have shaken off any kind of label and brand logos to be plastered on their products, just clean and simple!

Ok ok now here's the fun part! Neely & Chloe is currently online only, but they've found a fun new way to bring their designs across the u.s directly to us!

They have a vintage airstream that has been modified to open up into a living room kind of feel! i've only seen photos but this weekend it's all going to change! THEY'RE COMING TO SAN ANTONIO!!! yes they'll be here in town from Friday July 21st to Saturday July 22nd at The Shops at La Cantera. They will be located at the Kona Grill valet parking lot, with all the goods! oh! and I forgot to mention all their products are available to be personalized! some by hot stamping your initials and other by adding accessories to your accessories - The more the merrier -

So if you're in the area this weekend stop by! say hi! and meet this brand new label! You can check more of the action through my Instagram @TheToastyLife and theirs @NeelyAndChloe

Photo courtesy of Neely&

More on their cross country Summer Air-straem tour HERE

They'll be visiting 6 cities in 3 months, we're lucky (and honored) to have them stop by San Antonio! but if you don't live here or are spending the summer elsewhere, check their remaining schedule!

p.s get my bag HERE

The style is the No. 27 Saddle Bag Suede - Available at the pop up

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