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Lipstick for every budget

Sorry I've been a bit M.I.A but finally a whole new "beauty Wednesday" issue is here!! Lipstick take a up a big part of my makeup storage. The funny thing is that I have pretty much the same shade in 4 brands and even two of each! I'm one of those that when I find my favorite color I tend to get more than one in case they get discontinued 🙈 but through my endless scouring through Ulta, Walgreens, Sephora and even Neiman Marcus, my top picks have come down to 4 favorite brands, and one for each budget. Let's start from low to high. 1.- Maybelline Color Sensation: this is my favorite!! I have the largest selection from this line, (matte) the color is smooth and rich and all for $7.50 (I just stay away from the pearls) shine and pearly line tends to dry up my lips a bit more and the color doesn't seem as intense. That's just me it may be just because I love matte tones. 2.- MAC (mattes): I think we've all gone crazy at the MAC counter especially with their lipsticks, I mean come on they have every single color and shade you could think of! What I love most from MAC lipsticks is the richness (first thing I look for in a lipstick) and their dark tones. It's not easy making a good lipstick in a deep dark velvet or maroon. $17 3.- Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet: (key word in name... Velvet) for a long time I was a fan of Chanel lipgloss but I never moved past that, until one day while just randomly passing through their counter I spotted this really cool (and unique) purple lipstick looking at me 🤔 and that was it I became an instant lover of this "rouge coco" line (also in matte .... You can spot the trend now) this one out of all of the lipsticks I've tried has the softest and silkiest feel to it! And we'll Chanel is Chanel. Known for some of the best makeup for many years now, I guess it's safe to say they know what they're doing. $35-$37 4.- Tom Ford: T.F is relatively new to the whole makeup world, but that's not stopping them! I've only tried a couple of their products and I've been pleasantly surprised like their shine primer (must have!) I actually got the Tom Ford lipstick as a present, and again it has a positive review! The shade I got is a bright red. And yes it's smooth, rich and intense! The only downside for me is the price. This is the "splurge" lipstick. But in my opinion totally worth having in your makeup bag. (At least as a special occasion lipstick! $52 (Photo in Flame 06)

Ok now to round up, which one is the best to build a collection from? Maybelline! You get great quality for the price, which allows you to really try out more shades without feeling guilty. Best product for you money: Chanel! I may be impartial since I'm a faithful Chanel beauty client, but the product is amazing! Best color palette: MAC! If you're looking for the really cool shade that everyone is wearing but have no idea where to get it? MAC is your guy! What ever you're looking for you'll find it!


Love Adriana

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