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Turtle Neck Hair

There are things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, but long hair and turtle neck sweaters are not one of them. But with the temperatures only dipping lower and lower for the next few months we have to make it work. If your hair is past shoulder length you've had that feeling of drowning in knit fabric and your locks (I have and I hate it!) but at the same time my hair is such a big part of my daily style. Instead of giving in I have 4 favorite styles to pull off the perfect turtle neck hair. 1.- The tuck in: this is my favorite and the go to one for all the fashion lovers right now, probably because it looks chic and is the easiest one to do. Simply style your hair how you usually would to wear it down and then throw your sweater on without pulling your hair out like we're used to and done!

Tip: don't pull your hair out but do loosen up your hair don't let it stay tucked in so tightly you want it to look easy and relaxed. 2.- The pony tail: so this is a basic and old as time, I like a high pony tail that serves its purpose and stays out of our high neckline.

Tip: I like going for a messy kind of finish, I don't know about you but a clean and tight pony tail tends to look too much like a cheerleader or back to my ballet years. 3.- The milk maid/ Frida Kahlo Braids: I love this style and I use it a lot, and with turtle neck sweaters it really works! It completely keeps your hair out of your way. I know this one looks a but complicated to do but believe it isn't! And that's what I love about it, it looks like you put so much effort into it but you know the truth. How to: you'll need quite a few booby pins, do one braid first and tie secure it with pins in the top (I like to twist the ends of the braid so they blend in with the rest of the braid) add as many pins as you feel necessary but if you add to many it might mean you need to rearrange the pins, find the perfect spots. Next to the same to the on the other side and Voila!

Tip: just like all the other styles I'm not a fan of this one being completely tight and perfect! Especially with these braids if they're too perfect it will look too "sound of music" - so when doing the braids make them a bit lose, pull out a few strands especially the ones that frame your face, and if you want you can't gently (GENTLY) pass a brush over the braids to give it another messy (but chic) look - I don't do this a lot but I think it works for girls with heavier hair that need to tighten their braid for them to stay up. 4.- The low lose bun: Another classic (and basic) a low bun has always been a staple for the classiest ladies and fashion lovers - just look at Olivia Palermo - although this can be a bit annoying for girls with long hair because while moving and turning it can get a bit stuck with the turtle neck. But it's great for shorter hair and like mine (mid length - mid back)

Tip: before tying the bun style the front your favorite way, whether you have bangs, frames or just like a specific way to let your hair fall and then tie in the back, don't pay too much attention easy/messy is the way to go. You can also add some Bobby pins for extra support. Bobby pins are our friends!! You can probably tell I love lose (messy) hair styles, but that's what it's all about looking effortlessly good.


1.- Banana Republic (Shop) Grey

2 & 4.- Gap (similar from BR Shop) White

3.- Gap (similar from BR Shop) Red

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