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New Kids in Town

Photo Cred. Bowl and Barrel at The Rim.

We made it to the weekend!!!! I don’t know about you, but this week was a tough one! Kept thinking it was almost over and it was barely Tuesday (we’ve all had one of these) But its Friday so time to plan our weekends!

These last couple months, quite a few new places have opened here in San Antonio, some are classic and others a completely different concept to what we’re used to. So feeling like trying something new this weekend?? Here are my top picks: (not in any order)

1.- The General Public: located at the newest section at the Rim (behind Palladium) The place in my opinion successfully merged both concepts of bar and restaurant, you can have both dinner with family and friends or drinks at the bar without it feeling like you’ve overstayed your welcome. And their menu is far from traditional, in a good way.

2.- Bowl and Barrel: also located at the Rim (next door to The General Public and owned by the same group) We’ve all had that feeling that bowling alleys are fun but they are rarely a chic cool spot to go out, but when it comes to Bowl and Barrel they have raised the bar in the bowling world. Described as “Boutique” which might be a bit confusing but once you go you get the concept. Good food, good drinks, and a very very cool bowling experience. A good place to take us girls without having to scarify our Friday night glamour ;) just make sure (like any bowling spot) you bring your socks. Oh and call ahead their reservation process is well their own.

3.- The Luxury: On the Riverwalk area but closer to The San Antonio Museum of Art. Not exactly brand new, opened last year but it is one of the hottest spots to eat .(103 Jones Street, San Antonio, TX‬) You wont have to dress up that much for this spot (or at all for that matter) its casual outdoor place but their food is .... !!! Especially their sandwiches (pulled pork!) and being on the Riverwalk’s not so crowded section, giving you a bit of SA flare without having to battle through the crowds. Just be ready to wait for a table and for your food especially during the weekends.

4.- Paramour: 102 9th St, San Antonio, TX 78215. San Antonio’s newest rooftop bar. For a long time SA desperately needed a New York style bar, but like all hot new spots it can get pretty packed, you’ll get in for sure! But the parking is still a bit of a mess be prepared to walk a bit from your car to the bar.

5.- Shuck Shack: 520 E. Grayson By Chef Jason Dady, it’s the perfect seaside shack (without the Sea) with outdoor patio areas and in-door seating. The food is what we all crave when we think of long weekends at the beach. And well for parents you can breath easy they have a kid friendly patio/play area.

6.- The Fairview: sucker for good coffee and pastries? Wait till you see the Fairview’s in-house gourmet donuts! I think just by says Coffee and donuts I’m sold! Located at 3428 North Saint Mary’s.

7.- Nectar Wine Bar: do you consider yourself a wine “Connoisseur” ?? Or maybe you don’t know much about it you just love it?? Well Nectar bar, just opened a few weeks ago, it’s a Wine bar and tasting room, offering a variety of wines and beers from around the world (in case you’re more of a beer person) – they are however NOT a restaurant, so don’t come in expecting to get a burger…. All their food is a compliment to their wine and beer.

There are many new spots all over town and! let me know if there's one I missed out and should try :)

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