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New Year ... New Us

Coming back from any vacation is hard enough, but coming back from holiday break is the worst, we all get spoiled by our grandmothers in the kitchen, it is perfectly justified to eat all the holiday goodies and we get to take time off form our crazy routines (among other things) But then again a new year has that excitement feeling; it’s a new year, new start, new opportunities and as a fashion lover I find that FASHION helps – it always helps-

For starters it’s a new year… new you! Go through you closet and throw everything that ties you to the old year (yes it might have been pretty great but 2015 will be even better) I love finding the new styles and somehow get them into my closet – go out and buy those amazing boots, or that killer coat that will make you feel invincible (Olivia Pope style) you’ve been drooling over.

Sometimes we are not brave enough to pull off that wardrobe piece that we keep seeing in pictures, but don’t let it scare you and go for it, I’ve found that one of the worst feelings in the world is regret (in general) but regret of not buying something you love just because you’re not sure when or where to wear it… it’s a big no no.

Next (and I can check this of my list) is Hair! Maybe clothes are not your thing but a new shorter haircut, or bangs, or maybe a change of color might be just what you need… like me! I had been wanting to do something different with my hair for some time now. I love all those short bobs I keep seeing on magazines but I’ve been there and its taken me way too long to grow my hair back, so that wasn’t an option for me… but I did need a healthy chop to get all the bad stuff off, and also a little more light in it. I know it’s not summer yet but going lighter never hurt anybody ;) So I did I chopped off all the damaged ends and got a blonder do, and I couldn’t be more excited! Its not drastic but it is just enough what I needed for the New Year.

Even the Website got a much needed Facelift ;)

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