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Roman Holiday

Rome, Italy


Leave it to Rome to have the perfect scenery for a floral dress. Which let me test one of the up-coming seasons biggest trend; Autumn Florals.

When you hear floral print you automatically think spring/summer, but this time it’s a whole different story, fall is being taken over by flower power.

So why are florals sticking around for fall? I don’t know exactly why designers decided to print out roses on of their new designs, but I do love it!! I mean it’s not like we’ve never seen floral prints during fall and winter but they usually look, toned down, in brown or burgundy tones. What I love about this dress are the vibrant colors of the flowers and on a black backdrop they just pop, and well, since it is fall after all why not pair it with some killer boots. That is one of my favorite trends a mini skirt or short dress with boot … don’t ask my why but I love how the look together. All well strolling around at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome right next to Valentino just made my little fashion lover’s heart.


About this dress: Zara mini dress with a high-low hem. It fits lose, and yes when walking it may look big, because its not closer to the body, I’m wearing a small, but loser cut dresses are just the right way to wear a mini dress. Uber tight and ultra short dresses only make us look like Kim Kardashian in 2010, not my kind of look.


  • Dress: Zara available in stores

  • Boots: Chanel (in store only)

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