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Perfect Match



You know what they say "if the top fits, buy it in every color" - or something like that ... in case you're wondering this is the same ZARA top, from my previous post, but in blue. 

Have you ever had that piece of clothing you love! and could wear everyday, and then wish you had it in more colors. That's what happened here, I loved this top in white so much, that when I saw it came in blue too, I just couldnt help myself, and decided to get the pair, not sorry at all! 


If you've read my "Culottes" post you already know, I've had a hard time accepting them back into my life, but these (also from ZARA) have won my heart! I have styled them different ways now and they always make me feel polished (in my opinion they look very high end without the killer price tag $39.90).


Also these shoes have become my go to mules, when I bought them I was having trouble deciding (no surprise there) between this color or the black ones, and the sales lady kept telling me get the tan ones, the color is unique, it's not your traditional beige" I kept thinking, she's only saying that to make the sale .... so sorry! she was right! the shade of beige is not your traditional one, so they look like tan/gray, (the actual color is "Porcelain") making them perfect for pretty much anything ... aaaand they're extremely comfortable, which is extremely rare for designer shoes.


  • Top: ZARA (current collection) Same HERE

  • Pants: ZARA (current collection) Same HERE

  • Shoes: Gucci via Neiman Marcus


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