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Boerne, Texas.


I took the plunge! Finally got myself an overall!

For months a kept seeing my favorite girls wear them and look amazing, but then every time I saw one at the store I thought "this is not for me" I haven't worn an overall since I was 12 (true story) and back then I loved it!!! I looked so cute (little girl cute) but now, especially if you're not very tall, it's hard to look grown up and polished in an overall (let's call them OAs for the rest of the post).

Let’s face it, they have a funky fit especially around the hip and but area ... So every time I fell in love with an instagram OA post I would want one but had to promise myself, I would only get one if the fit wasn't right, and behold GAP threw them winning shot! - Fun fact my favorite OA and the last one I wore back in the day was also from GAP -


Styling your OA: here's a bit more about me, I can look very young very easily, plus I am not the tallest (5'4") girl out there. So put me in an outfit that is young looking and I could pass for a 15 year old (believe me its happened) So I knew that I had to push my OA styling up a notch, if I wanted to love the look on me. Meaning definitely heels, but no ankle straps, because they will just make our legs look shorter and in an OA you don't want that.

Next: The top, tried it on with a few options, but most of them would just end up all bundled up in my mid section, so the best bet was a short/crop top that was either very thin or skin tight, which ended up working even better, because you're upper body can still look slim even if the bottom is a loose fit. And honestly we all have a basic top in our closet, somewhere that will do the trick. But another option I love, is either a cropped or tight fit off the shoulder top. I've seen this look on other girls and love it! (need to fin one of them though)


Hope you like the post and find that no matter what our shape or size is, we can rock any look, it's all about the styling! 




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