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OTK Season

King Williams Historic District


Boot season has arrived!!!!! No more dreaming of fall/winter trends, its time pull out our favorite boots and coats, and of course a must have these up coming seasons are Over the Knee boots (OTK for short)

I had put off getting myself a good pair of OTK boots, and kept debating over them because as you may know Stuart Weitzman is not cheap and being a classic style they rarely go on sale! (found some colors that actually did go on sale! linked at the bottom! don't miss it!!)

  • Now, why you need a pair and how to pick a good quality boot no matter the brand:

First it's all the heel, I've tried so many boots that may look amazing but the heel is simply awful and flimsy, making you feel unstable, I'd recommend a thicker heel and not too high.

  • Stay away from black leather: In general any OTK in full leather is hard to pull off, especially black. Don't get me wrong but black leather and high heels may look a bit too "pretty Woman" instead go for suede or faux-suede.

  • Color: Color is a personal choice I was torn between these taupe color and the classic black (both in suede) The only reason I chose taupe, was because of my clothes and what I wanted to wear them with. Taupe looks good with any color scheme (browns,blues, or black well any). Although I still dream about the black ones :) any color is good.

  • Best Boot for your money: So don't get me wrong, Stuart Weitzman OTKs are worth the price and good investment, but if your not ready to take the plunge. Sam Edelman has a gorgeous version for $190, Sam Edelman has proven to be highly reliable especially when it comes to boots. (linked at bottom)

About the Suart Weitzman "Highland" OTK boot: I'm 5'4 and they sit just a tad higher than over the knee but can slide down or tighten with cords to keep them in place. The shoe size runs a bit large for a boot (just about half a size) I like to go half a size up when it comes to boots so that I can wear a thicker sock. usually an 8 in boots these are still my regular shoe size 7.5. As for leg fit, well they don't have a zipper and we may look kind of foolish trying to get them on and off, but once they're on the fit perfectly!

And who says you can't wear color during Autumn? Don't know but I wont be storing away my pink bag anytime soon! I love adding a pop of color to all black looks, or any monochromatic look for that matter. 

P.S I highly recommend checking out Storets if you want a wow piece or are looking for something original, like this sweatshirt! Has the right amount of fun to make a sweatshirt appropriate to wear, other than to the gym or off duty look. 


XO love


Photos by: Miguel Flores Photography

Instagram: @SoyMaico


OTKs on sale and options

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