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Go-To Jeans


Hello Loves! happy hump day!

So we made it through the middle of the week, and we are getting another cold front in. Which means its back  to cozy clothing (no problem here) In the mean time lets talk about why these jeans are my new best friends and why we all need a pair! So first forget about the distressed hem that is all about choice. Next what makes them so special? For me it's all of it! the hem is the perfect length for any shoe, including booties (ok maybe not boots) next the relaxed fit is extremely comfy and perfect for a Sunday in sneakers or flats but you can also step the look up with some cool heals. and finally ... They're high waisted!!! We all need some tummy slimming jeans every now and then ... oh oh oh almost forgot! They are incredibly soft and stretchy ! so another point for comfiness. These are from Madewell (HERE) and I love them, but if you don't want to spend much, this style is actually everywhere right now, or you can even try doing it yourself with a pair of older jeans here's how:

1.- Find a pair of jeans you don't wear that much (or that you can live without, in case things go south) also try a boot cut or semi flare pair, avoid skinny jeans or jeggings.

2.- Get a good pair of scissors!

3.- ok the cutting! go lower than where you actually like the hem to sit, and cut either in a straight line, or to get this look do one cut at one height and then another cut in the front slightly higher, then once done try pulling on the threads. This step is up to you and how distressed you want them.- Please do this with an old pair of jeans! 

And to finish out i've linked some chunky, cozy sweater that you can wear all the way through spring. This is an oldie from HM but I still love finding new ways of wearing it, this time I tucked in the front to make my legs a bit longer (because ankle jeans may shorten your legs a bit) Also a deep  V sweater can also be worn as off one shoulder. you know me I don't like saying goodbye to pieces I love instead find new ways to wear them!

thanks for stopping by :)



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