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Sweater season has finally arrived (also known as Autumn)

I am not built for extreme heat although we live in Texas (way too hot) and yes I am an athlete that spends most of her time running around in the heat especially during summer. But the reality is I love the cold! And everything that comes with it, boots, coffee, tea, fur, coats, and of course cozy sweaters. Fun fact I was actually born during one of New Jersey’s biggest snow storms (oh yea for those who didn’t know I am a jersey girl by birth) So you could say east coast weather is in my nature. Also growing up in mexico city, you rarely get temperatures over 90f/30c it usually stays around 60s/20s all year round with a few exceptions.

Ok enough about me and back to serious business … Sweaters.


It is now officially fall, the calendar says it and starbucks pulled out their pumpkin spice latte.  We get to wear our favorite sweaters! One of my favorite way to style them, especially while its still not too cold, are as dresses. This works with oversized chunky knits or long cardigans like this Chanel styled Anthropologie cardigan. I added a basic black mini skirt just to be safe and since the cardigan has slits at the sides I did need to wear something underneath. But all together it gives you a very cute mini dress look, which will allow you to pair with some amazing shoes. In my opinion it can make cardigans a bit more dressy. When paired with jeans I feel most cardigans give us that laid back-going to take it easy today- look. If your cardigan doesn’t button up, that's still perfect! One of the most chic fall/winter look is the high low pairing of short dress/skirt with a longer coat or sweater, and boots. Love this!!

Another must for fall are bodysuits! They make the perfect underlayer to any sweater or jacket! I don’t know about you but when its very cold and I want to wear something underneath my sweaters shirts tend to end up rolled up and not covering at all. Bodysuits are the perfect solution and there are tons of styles to choose from.


Chanel boots available in stores only

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