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Little White Dress 

Austin, TX.


I am a firm believer of a well fitted white dress, which contrary to popular belief is very hard to find. A lot of times white dresses show too much, are a bit see through and/or fabric looks cheap. A good lace dress usually takes care of those issues, it wont stick to the body in a bad way. I absolutely love this dress by Keepsake Label, and its not because I'll be starting to look for my wedding dress soon, I wasn't even looking for anything similar, but as soon as I put it on I just melted. The sleeves are see through and give the arms a little breather and the back is a beautiful touch ... keep scrolling down to see it ;)


Thought about pairing this dress with pink shoes, maybe give it a pop of color, but as I was trying it on at home I realized that first its just so delicate and romantic that a bright shoe would take from the design itself and second the top layer of lace is knee lenght which if you're like me and your 5'4 frame is not enough ... a nude pair of stillettos will lengthen your legs, who doesnt want longer legs???


I just have to talk about these balloons!!!! courtesy of The Balloon Bar in Austin! even though they deserve their own post (which they'll definitely get soon) These are the cutest most original balloons out there, oh and HUGE! they are perfect for any occassion.


The back!!

So, many times when a dress has long sleeves and a high neckline it can feel like its eating you up, this one not only has the seethrough lace for the sleeves and back but the open slit in th back gives it the perfect touch and shows the right amount of skin.


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